House Painter in Scottsdale AZ


What does the thought of painting the exterior of your house bring to mind? You understand that it might be time to do this, but you are not sure whether you want to do it yourself or hire this exterior house painting job to a professional, such as our company. You understand that there is a lot of work involved in doing this, yet you are not quite sure how much or how long it might take. Let's look at some of the tasks and a few of the steps that are needed to improve the looks of your house and find out how it can be done without you actually having to climb on a ladder or even get dirty.


The first task, of course, is yours, no matter what anyone else says. It is to decide on what colors you would like to have on your house. There will need to be at least two colors, one is the main color and the other is for the window frames and other accents. The first actual step is the cleaning of the entire exterior. Every House Painter in Scottsdale AZ we employ knows, and you probably do, as well, that no paint will stick on a dirty surface. The dust, dirt and greasy residue that the wind can blow in will prevent that new coat of paint from protecting the siding you have spent money on.


After the cleaning, with a pressure washer and special compounds that clean and rinse the surface, tarps are deployed to cover any living shrubbery that should not be painted or over sprayed. House painting is more than just throwing some paint on the house and letting it be. It is making sure that window frames have the correct color and gutters have the right color and all of the siding is coated to prevent it from fading very fast. Our team of House Painter in Scottsdale AZ is ready for you!