Quality Painting Contractors in Scottsdale



Your home is your biggest investment, and its value is largely dependent upon the condition of the exterior paint. Paint protects the home from the damage caused by rain and snow. When you see cracks and peeling of the existing paint, you want to paint the home as soon as possible. If you don’t act quickly, you can end up with more extensive damage and an expensive repair job. Exterior house painting is the most important maintenance you can do on your home.


The type of paint partly determines the amount of protection provided. Painting Contractors in Scottsdale have knowledge and expertise in choosing the appropriate type of paint for your particular climate and type of siding. For example, the two major types of paint are water-based latex and oil-based alkyd. Latex paint dries quickly, cleans with soap and water and is less likely to crack. Alkyd paint dries slowly, requires paint thinners for cleanup, but is more durable than latex paint. If waterproofing is desired, you may even want to use a more expensive elastomeric coating. This type of coating is more difficult to apply and the painting company should have specific experience in the use of elastomeric paint.


Quality of paint also determines how much protection is provided and how long the paint job will last. Paints come in range of quality levels, varying according to price. Your Painting Contractors in Scottsdale will help you choose the right paint for your goals and your budget. For example, with more pigments and resins, higher quality paints will last more than 10 years, which is great for a homeowner. However, if you are selling your home, you might choose a lower quality paint (never the lowest quality), which might last about 8 years.