Solid House Painting in Scottsdale



You have seen homes that have just been painted and everything, from the gutters to the ground, including many of the bushes and trees, have paint on them. This is not the best way to treat your house and we know this. Exterior house painting means to paint or repaint your house without getting it everywhere else at the same time. When you are thinking about a house painting project, you really do not want to have to clean up a lot of mess that you did not expect. The house painter we assign to your house will ensure that everything is kept the way you want it.


House Painting in Scottsdale requires proper preparation. This means the discussion about what colors of paint you need. This also extends to the cleaning of the outside surfaces. This cleaning is necessary and, occasionally, other companies do not spend a lot of time on this. Our experience has shown us that dirt, dust, flaking paint and grease prevents a proper coat and that means a bad looking job. We can not allow that and you shouldn't either. The cleaning is conducted with a professional house painting crew, using a pressure washer and environmentally friendly fresh water to ensure every surface is ready to accept the paint color you have selected.


We can help you decide on the right set of colors, based on your preferences. We have the technology needed to provide an exact match to the previous colors or match something else you have found. Depending on the colors and the previous colors already on the house, we may need to apply a primer to make the change from a darker color to a lighter one. This is all part of the project we undertake to ensure your complete satisfaction. To ensure the only thing that gets painted is your house, we cover any bushes or shrubbery that is close to it with tarps and mask off windows and frames and then apply the accent color to the window frames. House Painting in Scottsdale means just the house and not any living things.