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To paint the exterior of any home, there is more to it than slapping on a new coat. The house must be properly prepared because the old paint must be removed by sanding, scraping, then washing, rinsing, and then letting the surface dry. Sanding and scraping also generates a lot of dust and fumes, which is why people should wear a face mask. Temperature also plays a factor in repainting a house. If the weather is rainy or foggy, these conditions will impede the effectiveness of the paint.


Before applying a new paint primer to the exterior of a home, you must be knowledgeable of its original surface, which can be concrete, wood, block, aluminum, galvanized steel or vinyl siding. This is why using a professional exterior house painting expert is far better than a stressful DIY project. Our experienced and quality services extends from our professional preparation system and we continue well beyond to the completion of the job.


Our exterior and interior painting experts will analyze your home's exterior painting requirements and use quality materials and methods that fit your home's surfaces with complete coverage and protection. Our goal is to provide an outstanding exterior house painting service for your property and home. In painting the exterior of your home, we also take care to protect your landscapes, walkways, driveways, patios, and we clean up after each day's work.


We believe in placing quality over quantity in ensuring that our customer's receive the best service available. Our friendly, licensed and insured painting experts will provide a long lasting paint project that will help to enhance the value of your important investment and to keep your home visually beautiful from the curbside.


Our exterior house painting in Scottsdale, AZ  consultants will work with homeowners in choosing the right brand, color, and quality paint to beautify your home on the outside. We don't paint and run, we are happy to work with you form beginning to end because your complete satisfaction is what helps to keep our excellent reputation and helps to make us a success in the industry.



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