The Right Scottsdale House Painting




There is something to be said about having a good looking house. It stands out in the neighborhood and just feels good to pull up to. That is one of the things that a good Scottsdale House Painting project can assist in accomplishing. We have many year's experience in helping homeowners experience this satisfaction. It all starts with a phone call and a discussion about what it is you want to do with your home. House painting, to us, is fairly straight forward. We want what you want and will do whatever is necessary to get it done, quickly. That means you tell us what colors you want and we get right to work.


Your desire for a beautiful house begins with getting exactly the color you are thinking about. We have the technology to match the last color, before it started fading, or matching another color you have seen somewhere else. Just let us show you the many, many colors that are available and all of the many more that can be mixed up especially for you. The preparation work can then begin in earnest. This prep work includes the cleaning of the entire exterior surface, including the window frames, all accents, and other construction elements. This is accomplished with a pressure washing system and trained personnel who do this every day. The cleaning, of course, is necessary to remove any dust, dirt or greasy residue that will prevent a new coat of paint from sticking.


Every Scottsdale House Painting we employ knows that your house can not look beautiful if any of the bushes, trees, and other shrubbery is coated with paint, so we make sure that does not happen. Tarps are deployed to cover anything that should not be painted. This is that extra step we provide because we want your home to be beautiful and we want to retain the work you have put into your yards to make them beautiful, so we work with you on this.