Top Scottsdale, AZ Commercial Painting




There is one thing you can say about a quality coat of paint on the exterior or interior of your home and that is: “I'm glad that is done!” if you did it yourself! Calling Scottsdale, AZ Commercial Painting company, like ours, is a better choice. You still have to do your part, picking the colors, but after that, you can sit back and watch things happen! One of the problems your home might have is a lot of paint flaking off from the last paint job. Right there, we will have to agree, you did not call us last time. So all of that loose paint looks bad and it can bring the value of your home down if you are planning on selling anytime soon.


The problem you have, bad enough to want to get your house painted again, may be the choice of colors that were selected last time. This may not even have been your fault, but you are stuck with it until we get started on it. Our company, full of painting contractors, will help you select just the right color, whether inside or out. The preparation work is what takes the majority of the time and must be done properly. This includes the cleaning and repair work that is almost always needed to repair defects in the surface. Outside, there may be siding that has come loose and should be reattached to make just the right look and help in the proper insulating qualities it was installed to assist in.


The interior surfaces may need some patching and sanding or other prep work. This will be done to maintain the integrity of the surfaces. It might involve work on the molding or baseboards to bring them back into a better condition. After any preparation work, on any surfaces needing it is accomplished, tarps are draped over anything that does not get painted. The paint is sprayed from state of the art equipment or applied by brush or roller, depending on surface and location and cleanliness is next to Godliness in our Scottsdale, AZ Commercial Painting practice.