Top Scottsdale, AZ House Painting



You have a nice house that is simply getting older, as they all do. Usually this means they get more and more classic and valued for their contribution to history. This does not hold true for the paint on the outside or even the inside of your home. It gets old and faded because of the sun, the weather and all of the activity that the wind kicks up. That means the paint dulls, the paint will become loose in many places and fall off in most of them. The best way to remedy this is, of course, hiring an exterior house painting company, such as us, to come and upgrade the looks of your home. As Scottsdale, AZ House Painting professionals, we stand ready to handle this for you, quickly.


Your first job is to select the right colors of paint and whether you want imperfections repaired or just painted over. We recommend you get loose pieces replaced and all accents repaired as appropriate. We feel bad when we have to ignore this tasks as we do not like to ignore anything that should be done properly. We can then proceed to make those adjustments to the exterior of your house and move on to the important tasks. These important ones are the cleaning that is necessary to allow the paint to stick on that surface. Each house painter we employ enjoys the work they provide to you.


Cleaning is done with a pressure washer to ensure a complete cleansing. This is done without any chemicals which may be in line with your environmental preferences. This also presents the cleanest surface for the next procedure. Taping up the window frames and glass will ensure they are not coated with paint. The accents, such as wood work and decorative items will be protected and then painted, often by hand in the other color of paint. Scottsdale, AZ House Painting, the way we handle it, is done with the flare and confidence of professionalism.